Our Story

About us

Our mission is to facilitate great tech products to emerge, disrupt and make the world a better place by providing the tools needed to distribute them from scratch to a global scale.

Although creating a product and getting product-market fit is a challenge, one of the hardest parts for startups and companies in general to figure out, is distribution. So tough in fact that great companies many times die because of this reason. We will change that.

Our Story Starts in early 2014

Hi! We are a group of people that got tired of worthless content about sales and startup growth on the internet. Where there are a lot of ideas but very few actionable items. We have had the opportunity to work with B2B tech startups, ranging from 3 to 4 employees to, the most recent ones valued at 9 figures.

During this journey, we have learned a lot of things in building the distribution channels that made these startups grow (sales, marketing, partnerships, etc). Here at Top Line Geek we want to share those learnings with you and build a community of people that are working in the distribution side of tech companies so that we can share information and experiences, together.

Core Values

We know how frustrating it is to search concepts in google and see the same high level answers that really don’t provide enough value for you as a growth professional. We will structure the information here so that it is actionable to your startup/company.

Additionally, the information around doesn’t seem to address some of the key aspects of building a startup, team building and having to balance your team’s motivation and maybe some tough times that may arise. This is why the information here will cut the BS and provide you with a clear picture for you or your team on all aspects that building a company requires.

Start getting new knowledge

and experience, Together!